Mountain Western Log Scaling


Loggers and Land Owners

Mountain Western is a not-for-profit operation, so you can be sure you are getting an unbiased assessment of the value of your timber assets.  Our “scale” doesn’t tip in anyone’s favor. 

We can provide the most experienced scalers in the business for long or short term sales just about anywhere. 

If another company is handling your log scaling, you can request checkscales from Mountain Western to be sure you are getting fair value for your logs. 

Our Logman System will help keep you up-to-date with lightning fast access to your log sales.  Be sure to request Mountain Western processing for all of your timber sales.

Advanced Bureau Technology

Mountain Western has made significant investments in productivity enhancing technology. 

Our scalers collect your log data on ruggedized, Military Standard 810F computers coupled with industry leading scaling software. 

The raw scaling data is sent to our state-of-the-art server with completely redundant memory, power, and back-up.  Once the data is checked, coded, and certified we can make it available to you in multiple formats.

One of the best ways to access your log data is with our Internet-based Logman System.  There you can easily look-up and edit log and load information, create highly customizable reports, and generate payment statements --  all from the convenience of any Internet capable computer. 

Mills and Foresters

Mountain Western specializes in fast and accurate service. 

Whether your log data is gathered by our own highly trained scalers, your company’s scalers, or another scaling bureau - we strive to certify, correct, format, and return your data to you in a matter of hours. 

We can create e-mail reports of log activity, summaries, and detail, or transmit all the log data for import into your own computer application. 

Logman - our Log Management and Reporting System makes it simple to create and customize reports, prepare invoices for your vendors or customers, and get fast access to the information you need. 

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